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Raymond Webb

Principal & Lead Facilitator

Dear Friends,

FireSide Strategies, LLC, (FSS) is an innovative, intimate professional services company providing coaching, training and business strategy solutions in support of both public and private sector needs in the Northeast United States.

Established by a team of seasoned transportation, engineering, academic and public safety professionals, committed to service to our nation’s infrastructure in those communities, we now bring that knowledge, enthusiasm and energy to you. 

We are both excited and extremely proud that we can bring this same high level of spirited commitment to your endeavors, whatever the realm and perspective, to foster a forward moving, positive and sustainable change in the culture of your organization.

FSS offers relentless effort in working with you in your pursuit of excellence.  As the world we live and work in has no limits, please know that our Solutions Strategists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to hear your concerns and address any issue that may arise for you.  We remain available and on top of our game to best serve you, always.

Our focus is on you, our customer, so please have a seat next to the fire with us, and relax, while we chat together and work on solutions that meet your needs.

Toward endless possibilities!

Best regards,


Raymond J. Webb

Principal and Founder

FireSide Strategies


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